Monday, March 5, 2012


CANDABA CLASS OF '48. Grade Two students of Candaba Central School, post-war batch 1947-1948.

On 21 August 1901, the Thomasites—a group of teachers recruited from America—arrived in Manila Bay, Philippines on board the transport U.S.A.T. Thomas with the intent of introducing a new system of public education in the country. Twenty five were fielded to the province of Pampanga, and three teachers made their way to Candaba town.

The Candaba Thomasites not only taught by example and trained local teachers, they were also instrumental in setting up schools. On 6 February 1902, they helped put up the Candaba Central School in the Poblacion at a cost of P1,000. The Candaba Central School was the predecessor of the Candaba Elementary School, which continues to be a primary institution of learning for the children of Candaba.

In 1908, under the municipal presidente Pedro Evangelista, barrio schools were established in Lanang and Bahay Pare. Due to the growing higher education needs of the town, intermediate schools (offering Grade V thru VII) were established in Barrio Salapungan and Barrio Mandasig.

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