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*298. DR. JULIAN D. DYCAICO: Doctor and Public Servant

THE DOCTOR IS ALSO A COUNCILOR. Dr. Julian Dayrit Dycaico, as a young medical graduate of the University of the Philippines in 1914.

During the peacetime period, Angeles was home to many prominent men in the medical profession like Drs. Conrado M. Manankil, Juan S. Tablante, Celestino L. Henson and Antonio L. Lazatin. To this list, we add the name of Dr. Julian D. Dycaico, who, not only became a noted physician, but also a government official and a school co-founder.

The multi-tasking doctor was born in Culiat on 16 October 1888, to Jose Dycaico and Rufina Dayrit. He was first schooled at the local Colegio de Ntra. Sra. Del Rosario (1896-98), then finished high school at San Fernando, Pampanga (1903-05).

Julian then hied off to Manila for his college education at the Philippine Normal School (1906-1909), before enrolling at the College of Liberal Arts of the University of the Philippines (1909-11), preparatory to his medical course at the same school.

He earned his medical degree from the U.P. College of Medicine and Surgery in 1914, and joined Philippine General Hospital as an Intern from 1914-15. He became a full-fledged medico-cirujano and started his private practice back in his hometown of Angeles, operating his clinic right in his residence. A member of good standing of the Philippine Island Medical Association, he was also accepted as a member of the American Medical Association.

 In 1919, at age 31, he married local lass Lourdes P. Gomez, daughter of Esteban Gomez with Josefa Pamintuan (Incidentally, Esteban was the eldest child of the Spanish priest, Fray Guillermo Masnou OSA with Patricia Mercado). He was ten years her senior. They had nine children: Armin Lorenzo, Adaljisa, Jovita Violeta, Jacinta Yolanda, Jose, Julian Remigio, Maria Lourdes Judith, Lazaro and Perla EpigmeƱa.

Julian pursued his many interests even as he became successful in his private practice; he served as a consejal municipal of Angeles town, and in 1934, joined his relative, Don Juan Nepomuceno in founding and organizing Holy Angel Academy, as its Comptroller and School Physician. He lived and worked according to his motto: “Magaral mayap at paipagal caibat” (Study hard, toil hard), for he assumed many roles in his life: doctor, husband, father, government and school official. Julian passed away on 11 March 1965, at age 77.

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